Advent 2 – Peace (5th December 2021)

Sunday service – Broadcast time 11.00am this Sunday Morning – Ecumenical format

Broadcast worship for Advent 2 – Peace (Holy Communion).

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Leader: Dr Alison Johnston

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Alison requests you have a small piece of bread on a plate along with a small glass of red juice or wine in order to partake in the sharing of communion.

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Advent 3 – Led by Robert Dimmick TSSF
19/12/2021 – Sunday Carol Service
Advent 4 – Led by Revd Margaret Dimmick TSSF
24/12/2021 – Midnight Mass with Holy Communion (11.30pm-12.30am)
Led by Dr Alison Johnston
25/12/2021 – Christmas Morning Worship (10am)
Christmas Day – Led by Revd Margaret Dimmick TSSF and Robert Dimmick TSSF
26/12/2021 – Morning Worship
Christmas 1 – Led by Dr Alison Johnston