Daily Devotion Sunday Worship for 9th August 2020

Daily Devotions from theUnited Reformed ChurchSunday Worship for 9th August 2020  Holy CommunionThe Rev’d Stewart CutlerSt Ninian’s Church, Stonehouse Introduction  Good morning and welcome to worship.  My name is Stewart Cutler and it’s my privilege to get to be the minister of St Ninian’s Church in Stonehouse.  St Ninian’s is a Local Ecumenical Partnership between … [Read more…]

Back to Egypt

Dear Friends, Back to Egypt over the last month we’ve taken a break from our meander through Genesis and Exodus with an excursion into Jonah and a wander through the Basis of Union.  Now we return to where we left off: the stories of a hard hearted Pharoah, Moses the liberator and now a plague … [Read more…]

Back to Exodus

Dear Friends, I hope you’ve found the last two weeks’ devotions on our Basis of Union useful; considering it’s place in our common life it does rather deserve to be better known. Now we’ve worked our way through it we return, tomorrow morning, to Exodus picking up where we left off as we start to … [Read more…]